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It has been many years since I've stopped updating this part of the website and people still asking why, I guess I'll place the points here, instead of sending the same reply over and over...:
1. No, I will not be updating the site - except with any additional information for the period up to April 2010, last time done in November 2023.
2. No, the site will not be closed and is a reflection of Ayumi Hamasaki music in the 12-year period: from April 1998 to April 2010.
3. Yes, I still have the full collection of all the albums, singles, DVDs and so on, and listen to it quite frequently.
4. There are three main reasons for stopping the updates:
   (a) Most important: the enormous amount of time it used to take - I simply do not have it any more,
   (b) I do not like most of the music since 2010 - sure there were several good songs, but not that many (in my personal opinion, of course), and
   (c) the videoclips became somewhat "main-stream" (instead of being exceptional before), and there are many repetitions in live performances.
5. Lastly, the marketing tactics is very much dis-heartening...
  - Say, one already has all the songs - but then something "new" comes out - which is the repeat of everything that was issued before - plus only one new song...
  - Or re-mixing the same song over and over and over - some of them over 25 times... Sure, the song is great - but I am not very keen to listen to many different people trying to re-mix the same tune, sometimes with horrible results...
  - Or having a concert on VHS/VCD re-issued on the DVD, then on bluray, then on 3D... I honestly don't know what's next - smello-vision...? No, thank you, I'm fine with VHS and DVD...
nick, 6 November 2023

Statistics shows that 95% of visitors come to this site from overseas and 70% of them are following the bookmark in their 'Favorites' . So, a kind reminder:
The main purpose of the site (that exists since 1997) is to show Mid-West of Western Australia (and other places) to the world, this part is just the latest addition. Please have a look on sample photo album below (there are ~2,500 Australia photos on the site) - maybe you will decide to visit us here, down under..
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