Updated in June 2009
Most of these photo albums contain images of wildflowers taken within 15-30 minute walk from our house in Eneabba and in the Eneabba area.
Some flowers were kindly identified by Jim Barrow of The Wildflower Society of Western Australia and B.Backhouse. Please note that it is difficult enough to identify plants with the specimen in one's hand, Jim and Barbara had only our photographs to go on with the crucial information unavailable.
There is no guarantee that names are correct. This site does not claim to have any scientific or botanical value - its purpose is purely aesthetic.
Important note:
The site is designed for Mozilla Firefox browser. The photos on the following pages are opening in the new window (which some Microsoft Explorer versions consider as dangerous). I am not going to change the whole set up of the site just because it is in some way incompatible with Internet Exporer. Please use Firefox to see the site as it is supposed to be.
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